Soft skills training that works

Virtual reality training to improve your soft skills, communication skills and powers of persuasion

According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 Report, soft skills are critical in today’s workplace.

More than 90% of talent professionals and hiring managers agreeing that soft skills are just as important as hard skills – if not more so.

What are soft skills? They’re the very human talents that machines struggle to copy – from interpersonal skills to leadership, problem solving, creativity and teamwork.

Practice your negotiation skills in a virtual safe space
virtual reality training simulations personalised to your needs

The training

We understand that honing your soft skills can be tricky: after all, imagine a friend’s reaction when you ask if they can spare time for you to practice your skills of persuasion on them.

So we’ve created a virtual reality training environment that allows you to work on those soft skills at your own pace and in private, until you’re confident enough to practice them in the wild.

The personal trainer for tomorrow’s leaders

We help train business leaders to communicate using the latest and best VR technology.

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