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Improve your public speaking skills with our VR training and coaching that lets you practice in front of a variety of audiences and environments.

Ever suffered from public speaking nerves? You’re not alone.

A recent US survey found that more than 80% of those questioned suffer from Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking).

We realised that virtual reality can to help Glossophobia sufferers. VR lets you practice in a variety of environments, and in front of different audiences whose reactions can be adjusted as your confidence grows.

Build the confidence to speak in public by using virtual reality.

Start building your confidence by immersing yourself in safe environments where you can practice.

Alison Huntington, Head of Client & Brand Insights at Source Global had this to say after her coaching session

The use of VR was a great addition to the coaching process. The virtual environment felt real enough to give me a visceral, three-dimensional sense of talking to a large room with an unfriendly audience, which was exactly what I wanted to practise with.  Claudia was very responsive in tailoring it to reflect the specifics of my audience in terms of layout, age, gender, formality and warmth, and Bill really helped me with specific feedback about how to pace my speech, finesse my presentation, and deal with tricky audience members.

Client story

Alison working with Bill Britten from Maynard Leigh Associates wanted to prepare a presentation she was giving to a potentially hostile Nordics audience two weeks later.

Bill spent the first hour coaching Alison without using the headset, encouraging her to expand her reach and range of expression. This was due to the fact she was preparing for a speech to a largish audience (50–75 people).

In the second hour we introduced the headset. Alison was impressed by the virtual environment that Marmot Labs had created. The environment replicated the real audience in terms of layout, gender, age, ethnicity and friendliness / hostility.

Alison reported that the headset worked well and the virtual environment was sufficiently realistic. She could practise addressing a room full of people. In her virtual environment she had the virtual slides behind her hence she could practice gesturing to them. She practised blanking individual slides to pull the audience attention back to her.

She rehearsed five times with it, for periods of 5–10 minutes. In fact it seemed it was very straightforward for Alison. It enabled her to concentrate on addressing the entire virtual room.

This was particularly valuable when we got to responding to questions. One of the major coaching points was to take a question from an individual but address the answer to the whole room. By focusing on the individual who asked the question, you invite him/her to ask follow-up questions and potentially monopolise discussion, to the detriment of the experience for the rest of the audience and also running the risk of encouraging a string of hostile questions from an exercised individual. Therefore having a room full of avatars to address helped Alison practise this.

Build the confidence to speak in public by using virtual reality.

Alison practising her presentation during her 1-2-1 coaching session with Bill Britten.

practice your public speaking skills in a variety of situations and audiences

How our training works

We’ve spent the past 2 years working hand-in-hand with some of the smartest public speaking training consultancies out there. Hence we’ve built what we’ve learned into the Marmot system.

Our system is dual user therefore the coach has a dashboard that enables them to control the virtual experience for their client. As a result, the coach can add questions prior to the coaching session or ask them real time via the virtual audience.

We have the environment for you. Whether you need to practice for your next board room meeting, conference talk, workshop (or TED talk!)

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