Effective public speaking training

Virtual reality training to improve your public speaking and presentation skills.

Ever suffered from public speaking nerves? You’re not alone.

A recent US survey found that more than 80% of those questioned suffer from Glossophobia (the fear of public speaking).

We realised that virtual reality can to help Glossophobia sufferers. VR lets you practice in a variety of environments, and in front of different audiences whose reactions can be adjusted as your confidence grows.

Build the confidence to speak in public by using virtual reality.

Start building your confidence by immersing yourself in safe environments where you can practice.

How our training works

We’ve spent the past 18 months working hand-in-hand with some of the smartest public speaking training consultancies out there, and we’ve built what we’ve learned into the Marmot system. 

Whether you need to practice for your next board room meeting, conference talk, workshop (or TED talk!), we have the environment for you.

The personal trainer for tomorrow’s leaders

We help train business leaders to communicate using the latest and best VR technology.

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