Public speaking training

Ever suffered from public speaking nerves? You’re not alone – a recent US survey reported that more than 80% of those questioned suffer from glossophobia (the fear of public speaking).

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Leadership training

You may well the the greatest business visionary this world has ever seen –  but as any great business leader will tell you, you’ll struggle unless you have the ability to inspire others.

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Soft skills training

According to LinkedIn’s Global Talent Trends 2019 Report, soft skills are critical in today’s workplace, with more than 90% of talent professionals and hiring managers agreeing that …

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The training

We help train business leaders to communicate using the latest and best VR technology.

  • Virtual reality headset – to start training you’ll need the Oculus Quest virtual reality headset pictured on the right. You’ll then get access to a variety of environments and cognitive situational tests.

  • Our software – above all our environments are a safe space to develop your emotional intelligence, soft skills and enable your learning and development.

Our system constantly learns and matures. We use artificial intelligence and your feedback to evolve our programmes.

ICF UK Conference talking about Coach Bots virtual reality artificial intelligence

Come meet us

Claudia Babescu, our Founder and CEO, will speak at the ICF UK Chapter conference on the 5th of May 2020, about Coach Bots and the role of immersive technologies and artificial intelligence in coaching. The conference programme is up and we’re really exited to be part of it.

We’ll be giving live demonstration of our technology and its benefits for both the coaches and their clients.


The personal trainer for tomorrow’s leaders

We help train business leaders to communicate using the latest and best VR technology.

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