Diving into the deep

The only way to improve is by practice. Each session is focused on key improvements and goals. Our experiences are

  • Data Driven – we keep track of your progress and react to your decisions

  • Results Orientated – each session has a goal

  • Research Led – we work with academia and psychologists to best train our systems to real triggers

Every level in our experiences is validated by science and backed by metrics.

Latest research
Practice your negotiation skills in a virtual safe space

The training

Your personalised coaching programme will immerse you in a variety of environments where you’ll consolidate and learn new skills.

  • Heart Rate – build your resilience using biofeedback training

  • Virtual reality – variety of environments and circumstances

  • Safe space – above all this is a safe space to learn and improve.

Our system constantly learns and matures. We use artificial intelligence and your feedback to evolve our programmes.

Our approach


Our system is multifaceted and works by making real time decisions about your state of mind and stress levels.

  • Data Driven – data is stored and used to determine the levels of stress over time.

  • Virtual reality – variety of environments for your coaching session

  • History – access to all the sessions data and a way to control the levels of stress for a virtual reality experience

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