Public Speaking


Many people with extreme fear of public speaking are inexperienced speakers and haven’t had the opportunities to get accustomed to presenting to a large audience.
Virtual reality provides a safe way for you to practice.

We offer a range of scenarios, whether you're preparing for your work presentation, giving a talk at a conference or a speech, we have a scenario to suit your needs.

Each scenario is realistic, with all the distractions that would happen in the real world. We introduced gamification to take your practice to the next level.

The environment is personalised by how you're feeling at a given time. We adapt the scenario to your needs and train you to react with new techniques.
You will learn how to be comfortable in front of a crowd and practice your presentation as many times as you need. We find a balance between making a difference and pushing too hard.

We teamed up with first class presentation skills trainers and introduced training techniques taught during face to face workshops.

Each scenario is carefully curated by our partners and collaborators who have extensive experience in delivering public speaking training.
Our scenarios aim to reduce anxiety associated with situations you've never experienced before and give you the skills to deliver your message.

A mastery of public speaking allows you to relate to the audience and gain their trust.

As a skilled public speaker, you become likeable and believable, you will be able to inspire and make yourself heard and memorable.