Our Mission

To improve performance through truly personalised coaching

We started Marmot Labs because we believe training and coaching should adapt to how you learn. After all, everyone’s learning curve is different, and our experiences are so varied… so why do all training programmes look the same?

We realised that virtual reality held the key to that individualisation. VR can create an almost infinite number of scenarios, so letting us personalise the training to individual needs.

And since VR can be experienced in private, it lets the ideal platform from which to overcome your fears. Many people deal with fears by avoiding a situation for as long as they can, in the process blocking their personal and career development. 

It’s really expensive to expose yourself to situations you’re afraid of – for example, if you have to give a speech tomorrow to 200 people, will you rent a hall and 200 actors? That’s where virtual reality becomes the perfect solution: an affordable, safe environment in which to practice.

This, coupled with our artificial intelligence system gives an unprecedented individual coaching experience.

Read more about how we started on our medium channel.

Meet Our Team

We are a team of passionate technologists on a mission to make training and coaching programmes work for more people, more often. Our backgrounds are as diverse as our clients, and we believe in humans and the transformational power of technology.

You can read the full story of how we started – and what we’ve learned along the way – on our medium channel.

Claudia Babescu
Claudia BabescuCEO / Founder
Passionate about the transformative power of technology, Claudia is involved in both the software and business development. She loves pushing the boundaries of what is possible and constantly challenges the people around her to do the same.
Kevin Blake
Kevin BlakeCo-founder / Tech
Enthusiastic software developer and automation engineer, Kevin brings over 15 years of experience working in a diverse set of organisations. Kevin has a passion for wildlife photography and is involved in several conservation projects.
Andres Gaspar
Andres GasparVR Modeller and Optimizer
Designer and optimiser of virtual reality experiences, Andres has extensive 3D modelling, texturing, animation and gaming experience. Outside of work Andres loves teaching 3D modelling and geometry.
Keith Dixon
Keith DixonAdvisor
Keith graduated and trained as an engineer before adding an MBA and PhD in Management during a career that spans 25 years in the high tech sector. He has extensive experience working with start-ups and has been with us since the start of our journey.
Mark Payton
Mark PaytonAdvisor
Mark is a media director with more than 20 years of board-level editorial, advertising and digital business expertise across a breadth of specialist markets and publishing platforms.
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SETsquared is a global business incubator and Accelerator that helps startups and innovative business in the UK.

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