What we do

We use VR to help leaders deliver messages that will stay with their audiences – be it on stage, at a board meeting, or in those crucial one-on-one interactions.

Our innovative VR experiences are proving their transformative power, offering clients training sessions that are:

  • Data Driven We track of your progress and react to your decisions.

  • Results Orientated Every session has a goal.

  • Research Led We work with academia and psychologists to adapt our systems to recognise real triggers.

soft skills

Soft skills

More than 90% of talent professionals and hiring managers agree that soft skills are just as important as hard skills – if not more so.

 We’ve created a virtual reality training environment that allows you to work on those soft skills at your own pace and in private, until you’re confident enough to practice them in the wild.

communication skills

Communication skills

We’ve spent the past 2 years working hand-in-hand with some of the smartest public speaking training consultancies out there, and we’ve built what we’ve learned into the Marmot system.

Start building your confidence by immersing yourself in safe environments where you can practice.

interpersonal skills

Interpersonal skills

Self awareness about your own feelings and emotions play a crucial part in all your interactions. Being aware of yours and others non verbal communication such as eye contact, facial expressions, body language and gestures is vital.

We bring half you need to bring the other half


Building skills and habits takes time and you need to be committed to your progress. You need to practice constantly and be ready to be challenged. This is not something you can do once and then stop while expecting results.

Why virtual reality?

Virtual reality enables you to practice in a realistic and risk-free environment.

One of the biggest challenges in coaching is helping people make the leap from knowing what they should do, to actually doing it while under pressure in the real world.

Because training and coaching should adapt to how you learn and virtual reality holds the key to individualisation.

VR can create an almost infinite number of scenarios, letting us personalise the training to individual needs.


Our clients and partners

We work with partners in the UK, Italy and California, USA.

Our partners use the our solution during their 1 to 1 training as well as small group training.

The scenarios are being used to develop public speaking skills, sales, leadership presence, appraisals and being at ease during interviews.

We are currently running small pilots with individuals who want to develop their soft skills.

Follow the link below to arrange a demo.

ICF UK Conference talking about Coach Bots virtual reality artificial intelligence

Come meet us

Claudia Babescu, our Founder and CEO, will speak at the ICF UK Chapter conference on the 5th of May 2020, about Coach Bots and the role of immersive technologies and artificial intelligence in coaching. The conference programme is up and we’re really exited to be part of it.

We’ll be giving live demonstration of our technology and its benefits for both the coaches and their clients.


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