What we do

We use VR to help leaders deliver messages that will stay with their audiences – be it on stage, at a board meeting, or in those crucial one-on-one interactions.

Our innovative VR experiences are proving their transformative power, offering clients training sessions that are:

  • Data Driven We track of your progress and react to your decisions.

  • Results Orientated Every session has a goal.

  • Research Led We work with academia and psychologists to adapt our systems to recognise real triggers.


Human Driven

Each scenario is driven by your stress levels. Our system finds the right balance between challenging and pushing too hard.

Goal Oriented

The virtual reality environment we create is high quality and realistic. The environments adjust to you and your learning pace.


Real time analysis on how you reacted in a given situation.


Learning comes with practice and we offer measurable results.

Latest research and interviews

We blog about the most interesting advances in learning, training and well-being.

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We help train business leaders to communicate using the latest and best VR technology.

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